Your Alternative to Houses for Sale in Denarau Fiji - Naisoso Island

So you’ve been looking to buy houses for sale in Denarau Fiji but can’t find what you’re looking for?

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons why Naisoso Island is a popular alternative to houses for sale in Denarau, including how you can take advantage of tourism and why now is the time to invest.

Why is Naisoso Island a Popular Alternative to Houses for Sale in Denarau

If you’ve been searching for the perfect house for sale in Denarau Fiji but struggling to find it, Naisoso Island offers the ideal compromise. In this section, we’ll discuss how our secluded, first class luxury living estate taps into all the perks of luxury in Fiji, without the hustle and bustle of trying to find a house for sale in Denarau (or places like it).

Private Location, Luxury Living & Amenities

Many people want to live and are looking for houses for sale in Denarau, but as the tourism mecca of Fiji, it can be difficult to find the ideal location. Unlike houses for sale in Denarau, Fiji’s Naisoso Island is much more accessible when it comes to accessing the high life.

Naisoso Island is just 10 minutes from Nadi International airport, and 20 minutes via bridge. That means you or your tenants can start their holiday and living in paradise a lot sooner than if you were to opt for a house for sale in Denarau.

While Denarau may often become crowded with tourists and sightseers vying to make the most of their time in Fiji, Naisoso Island really lends itself to what’s known as “Fiji time”.

“Fiji time” is a much slower, calmer way of living, which is appealing to those looking for a coastal getaway. But, you can still take advantage of all the tourism drawcards, water activities and nightlife without actually owning a house for sale in Denarau.

Cost of Living

Whether you’re looking to invest in houses for sale in Denarau (or Naisoso Island – as we’re suggesting) for yourself or as a new income stream by letting your property to tourists, there’s no doubt that cost of living is a major consideration.

While the cost of living in Australia, the UK and US is seemingly on the up, the same is not really the case in Fiji.

According to 2016 statistics the cost of living was 60 percent less than that of Australia and even with recent inflation and COVID-related increases, it’s likely to still be a lot more affordable for expats or tourists.

This means, you’ll probably have a steady stream of tenants looking for properties or houses for rent and houses for sale in Denarau, Fiji just like yours. The only difference is you’re in Naisoso Island. And if you can offer them luxury living and beachfront access, why wouldn’t they choose to rent from you over other options on the market?

Reliable Internet Connection

It may sound silly but one of the things you need to consider when looking for houses for sale in Denarau Fiji is internet connection. Fiji is often visited by expats who have taken to the “digital nomad” lifestyle, but the internet is not always reliable in this island paradise.

While Denarau does offer slightly better internet access than other areas, Naisoso Island is well equipped with all the technological bells and whistles you need to work remotely, no matter where the rest of your team is located.


When searching for houses for sale in Denarau, Fiji, you want to know that it’s safe for both tenants and yourself to engage in the community and really immerse themselves in the local culture.

But while Fiji is much safer than other islands or overseas countries, no estate can guarantee the peace of mind that Naisoso’s 24/7 security affords its residents.

Why Is Now the Time to Invest in Naisoso Island (Over Houses for Sale in Denarau Fiji)?

Real estate and property sales in Fiji are experiencing a boom at the moment. As borders continue to open and restrictions on overseas travel are relaxed, there is no better time to invest in paradise.

And if you’re going to invest in the best of Fijian luxury, choose Naisoso Island.

Consider this your sign to stop searching for houses for sale in Denarau in Fiji and start living the luxurious Island lifestyle Naisoso Island offers.