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Radisson Blu Mirage Resort, Fiji Naisoso Island

The man with a passion for producing
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Bob Lowres is the Managing Director of Relcorp (Fiji) Pte Ltd with a long-held passion for property. Prior to turning his attention to Naisoso Island, he worked with leading agencies in Australia including Ray White Real Estate, PRD Realty, and City Land Real Estate.

After establishing himself in Fiji, ready for an island retirement, Bob saw the potential for a seaside resort of a new kind in Fiji – something more than just a tourism hot spot like all the other hotels. Something with scope for short-stay accommodation as well as holiday and even permanent homes for those, like him, who wanted to enjoy the pacific beach and resort lifestyle for more than just a brief vacation. From there, his vision of Naisoso Island began to come to life. Between 2013 and 2016, Bob also served as the Director for Investments Fiji and currently holds a Real Estate Licence in Fiji and an Auctioneers and Real Estate Licence in Australia.